Become a Winner: The Best Tips For Winning Competitions

Get all the best tips directly from Jimmy who has won close to $50,000 in cash and prizes. We want you to be the next success story so we offer all the tips and information you need to fast track your 'comping' experience. Don't let other 'compers' get the upper hand stay ahead of the game by signing up to receive a wealth of free tips.

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Founder Of Enter Comps: Competition Win List

Since 2011 from a simple love of entering online competitions as a side hobby I have accumulated a huge amount of a cash and prizes through winning online competitions.I am just another person that had a free 10 minutes here and there during the week and utilized that time to enter promotions and giveaways that I had prizes that I wanted to win.Ever been doubtful of the co [...]

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25 Words Or Less Competition Tips

Why are Words Or Less (WOL) competitions such as 25 Words Or Less so popular on social media?Firstly making them 25 words makes them quick and easy to judgeSecondly making it a competition that can be judged classifies the competition of a Game Of Skill instead of a Game of Chance.A game of skill in some cases removes the need to obtain a permit to run your competition so it ta [...]

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If you are on the Enter Comps competition education list you will always have the upper hand on your fellow compers. Don't get left behind. Make sure you are as knowledge as possible to give yourself the best opportunity at taking home that prize.